Lexmark - It is not a Supply Chain Issue - It's about Chains used on the humans manufacturing the supply!

Lexmark - It is not a Supply Chain Issue - It's about Chains used on the humans manufacturing the supply!

by ray stasieczko July 22, 2023

Lexmark - It is not a Supply Chain Issue - It's about Chains used on the humans manufacturing the supply! Please stop distracting from this reality!

Is Lexmark More Indebted to The CCP or America? It is with great sadness that I believe Yes is the answer to that question.  

Isn't hiding the truth just a silent way of lying? I am amazed at the absolute nonsense coming from Lexmark. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) banned Lexmark's owners, Ninestar Corporation and eight subsidiaries, from bringing products into the U.S. supply chain. This ban was part of the (UFLPA) Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds.

On June 9th, This DHS ban was announced. It took Lexmark until June 22nd to post something in response on their website. The published response was an alarm bell to wake up America to the lengths of lying and distracting that Lexmark is capable of. Another reason for all to be in complete fear of the data Lexmark collects through their cloud platform.  

Here's the introduction to the response. Please read this introduction and see if you determine that Lexmark is dishonest in bringing attention to this issue, dishonesty, and distracting from the realities of a DHS Ban on their Chinese owners Ninestar and eight of its subsidiaries.


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It's more than obvious the deceit. Lexmark is describing a DHS Banning as a supply chain issue. This is an absolute slap in the face to anyone concerned about Slave or Forced Labor. Lexmark is actually saying we want to explain that our owners were banned for using slave labor, according to the Department of Homeland Security. So, we may have supply chain issues until we figure out how to circumvent the ban! WTF Lexmark! When you distract from the truth, people will always ask what else are you lying about?  

Now I suggest you read the actual response posted behind the link. This is where the concerns of Lexmark being a propaganda venue for the CCP become loudly apparent. 


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In reading that response, one would have zero clue that the Department of homeland security banned their owners based on slave or forced labor. Lexmark used the supply chain as a distraction. Lexmark did not want the reader to actually think about the realities of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security ban over the UFLPA, a ban meaning that their owners Ninestar use CHAINS as they force workers to satisfy the SUPPLY demands. It is not about Supply Chains. It's about Chains being used on the humans manufacturing the supply.

In this response, Lexmark does not address at all that Ninestar is their actual owner. Ninestar has over 62% equity in Lexmark. The PRC Ninestar, along with The CCP, is running Lexmark. Not the good ole boys down in Kentucky. In reality, all Americans would have to be more outraged by these Lexmark distractions if, in fact, the good ole boys in Kentucky were the architects behind these apparent distractions.

In this response, Lexmark describes Ninestar as one of their suppliers! Lexmark provides Ninestar with over 80% of its total revenue. Keep in mind that Ninestar has over 30 subsidiaries. I am also expecting Ninestar to begin setting up new subsidiaries to shift the importing of banned merchandise to new entities to bypass the DHS ban. I would also expect Lexmark to aid Ninestar in that deceit.

I don't say that lightly. It is profoundly disturbing to even think that. However, Lexmark has proven to me that they will say and do anything to protect their PRC owner, Ninestar Corporation. They have not been forthright on anything regarding this issue. Lexmark does not even acknowledge Ninestar buying them in 2016 as part of their chronological history celebrating their 30 years. 

Why are they insistent on hiding behind their Chinese Ownership? More importantly, why are the American leaders aiding in that deception? 

In Communists China Ninestar is proud of acquiring Lexmark in 2016- Here's a screenshot from Ninestar's website where they proudly display owning the once great American Printer Company Lexmark. Compare these two screenshots one from Lexmark hiding their ownership Vs. Ninestar excited about sharing who they now own.  

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Lastly, regarding their response statement. Lexmark does admit they stopped getting shipments from banned subsidiaries or, of course, they say, stopped shipments from affected subsidiaries—more deceit?

Banned makes one face the reality of the UFLPA - chains and enslaved people. Affected makes one think of a temporary illness, something much less severe.

Lexmark's leadership, including their board, has completely failed on responding to this issue regarding Slave/Forced Labor! Again, not a Supply Chain Issue!

The lack of leadership is highlighting a much greater concern. It is becoming apparent of the actual control the Chinese Communist Party has over not only the PRC companies headquartered in the Homeland of China but also the control over the subsidiaries they own located in America or other free world countries.

When the Chinese Communist Party has people in the free world working in companies the CCP controls, they are more than grateful when these workers lie and distort reality. These free world company leaders are feeding the communist leaders the propaganda needed as they lie to the Chinese citizens.  

The Chinese Communist Party created a great strategy by buying up American Companies. They knew that one day, the American workers in these companies would fight for their communist ownership as needed as component of job security.

The Communist leaders bet that their American workers would be subordinate to job security over national security or even human right violation commented by their PRC owners back in Communist China.

This is playing out right in front of our entire industry as we witness Lexmark lying and distorting their realities. My friends, we must say, with one voice, NO MORE LIES! NO MORE DISTORTIONS!

Now to my industry colleagues who are members of the Business Technology Association and its board members, an organization that will soon be 100 years in its making. I am pleading with the BTA board and all its members to immediately take the Ninestar Corporation's Logo off the BTA website. 

The Department of Homeland Security has banned Ninestar, and that banning should have been all the BTA board needed to ban Ninestar from any sponsorship within the industry's oldest peer group. 

I am concerned that there is an influence controlling the board not to take a vote on this action; this was a simple issue; the day our government banned Ninestar was the day the BTA board should have Banned them as well.

It should not be the job of the BTA or any of its members or their dues to be used fighting for the rights of a PRC entity banned by our governments Department of Homeland Security. The vote to expel Ninestar should have been immediate and unanimous. It concerns me greatly this issue is being held up.

The UFLPA ban is based on a Rebuttable Presumption; A rebuttable presumption is a legal principle that presumes something to be true unless proven otherwise. The burden of proof lies with the party who wishes to rebut or disprove the presumption. A rebuttable presumption is most often found in civil law, as opposed to criminal law.

The BTA board could stand with the government and explain to Ninestar that they will reinstate Ninestar's sponsorship when Ninestars disproves the DHS claims regarding the use of forced labor. 

My friends at the BTA, you will soon have your annual get-together in Boston. I have been honored in the past to speak at your events.

I request to be added as a speaker on this subject. If there was ever a time to adjust a schedule, now is that time. Our industry's analysts and media have yet to do anything to bring awareness to this issue. Since the day the DHS banned Lexmark, I have been covering this story. There are well over 2 hours of video. This is my 4th article. 

I want to make the case to our industry colleagues that this issue is wide-reaching and will be very impactful to all the industry's actors.

Our industry does not need to and should not try to manage this through political correctness or be afraid of participating in upsetting conversations. Honestly our industry needs to toughen up! We should be more threatened by the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on our industry than - The End Of The Day With Ray!

This issue concerns how our industry will respect and abide by the laws of humanity. If any of my friends feel as I do. Please reach out to your BTA board members and let's together not only discuss but begin to solve our industry's greatest crises. 

See you all in Boston. 

Ray Stasieczko Host of The End Of The Day With Ray!  

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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