Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America

by ray stasieczko July 04, 2020

"I believe the founding fathers surely knew that the power of the vote was the greatest gift to a land once led by a king. The founding Fathers knew that only the people should have the power to choose their leaders. This power is what turns a king's land into a people's country." RJS

America's founding fathers, the writers of its constitution, said unequivocally.

"All men are created equal."

As they said and wrote this, all men and women were not considered equal. One can imagine this was, without a doubt, an aspiration of the country's founders. Like all aspirations, time is the one ingredient that becomes the pressure point in change.

Much of the people's rights determined in America's birth will continue to find these pressure points as time passes. How America deals with those pressures continues to define our nation.

The founding Fathers were not creating a document in stone; they instead created a living document; knowing that the document would need amendments over time. The Founding Fathers knew these amendments would come from the people as they would vote for its leaders.

Since that declaration, the pressures of Freedom's waiting time have both seeped and erupted from the confines of status quo. 

The American people stay free because they continuously aspire to bring reality to that which its forefathers wanted—inherent Freedom for all.

The Founding Fathers were far from perfect. However, what they gave birth to was intended to grow. It's only through nurturing, caring, compassion, and compromise is growth possible.

America's greatness is determined as it maintains its Freedom to continuously.adapt to the realities of an ever-changing world.

Our nation was born of leaders who thought differently in search of what would make a country great they put aside their differences came together for the common good of a country's people.

These leaders also realized that yesterday's Kings as today's Dictators controlled the people to act and think as instructed. In this new country they would create, the people would have the Freedom to think independently of their leaders; this would be an inherited right for all. 

Our nation's architects must have imagined it would be from the momentum of thinking; differently, the government would respond as the people intend.

"The constitutions amendments are written when thinking different gains enough momentum."

On America's Birthday, we should all be grateful and remind ourselves of the things we as a nation of free people must oppose.

No American wants a press to propagate only what its leaders wish; or wants a leader focused on their own greatness, over allowing those they lead to one day declare them great. 

Totality governments demand loyalty; democracies decide of there free will on its leader's greatness. 

No American wants its two-party system to become a party of one. Americans who love their nation welcome opposing points of view for one day - they may have the opposing view. 

It's when America can come together for the greater good, which defines its greatness. No American wants an America who ignores its disenfranchised, divides its people, or sacrifices its people's interest for its government's power.  

America, Happy Birthday! and this message is obviously for all Americans. It will not be from what we have today, which makes us great. Every American must remember, America will only remain the world's beacon of hope if America continues to understand and responds responsibly to the realities of "Freedoms Pressures."  

Ray Stasieczko   

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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