Humans are increasingly becoming Digital

Humans are increasingly becoming Digital

by ray stasieczko August 17, 2019

"The human's experiences will determine where they are comfortable, and more and more humans are finding great comfort in that growing intersection between the digital and physical worlds." 

Those who follow me understand my passion for what I describe as the Intersection between the Digital and Physical Worlds. Wanted to share some thoughts on that intersection.

Technology is the driving force of innovation, and innovation is the driving force enhancing life. The things accomplished by technology today have not only prolonged human life; technology has made life more enjoyable.

The intersection between the digital and physical world is always under construction, widening its lanes to accommodate more human traffic. Our interactions are conducted more and more in the digital world, creating a digital universe; a universe consuming much of the human social time once spent in the physical world.

This new universe is a remarkable place for many of its increasing visitors. Of, course it is also a place which can be threatening, misunderstood, and still seems un-comprehendible for those without technology, or those who refuse to explore the unknown.

Humans live through behaviors and behaviors can change through a forced change or an agreeable change. Will Future technologies control more of one's behaviors? I would conclude, yes. In the future technology will guide the human in ways many of today's humans would find un-comprehendible, offensive, and too controlling.

Will technology, over time, change its human companion's minds to be more accepting of its powers? Today humans control the technology relationship. However, technology is quickly gaining more control. As technology continues making life more comfortable, the human benefactors will continue to welcome more technology.

As past futures proved many things once thought disagreeable somehow became agreeable.

As the human and its technologies become closer companions, humans will concede things to technology which today are unimaginable. It's essential to welcome the opportunities to explore these new technologies and maintain open minds to what we discover. The future is closer to the present than ever in history and the powers of technology have connected the world in ways only science fiction comprehended just a decade ago.

This massive human collaborative of flowing information has changed the world. Anyone with a spark of curiosity can create flames of knowledge. The availability of educating one on any subject is unlimited. In the past Kings and Queens controlled the worlds knowledge and used that knowledge to control the world. Today knowledge is in the hands of all those who decide to explore the wonders of the intersection between the digital and physical worlds.

Those who constantly look for absolutes will miss the excitement of the unknown and the unknown is getting easier to find for those looking.

We must all remember that someday, the intersection between the digital and physical world will be traveled by all. The human and its technologies are indeed becoming more connected.

Ray Stasieczko 

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ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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